Positivity. Again.

Read a good article yesterday about not disparaging anybody at work. Which is sort of a theme lately that we’ve been discussing a lot.

In any event, the article said everyone knows who the weak link is. It’s not your job to remind anyone of it unless you can fire or train them. In which case, you should fire or train them.

I’ve been getting a little too vocal about some things. Mostly because I thought I could train anybody. Silly Goddess.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of my greatest masterpieces took years to train. I just don’t have that kind of time or patience anymore. Plus there has to be a certain willingness to admit that one isn’t the smartest one in the room. Since, as stated above, everyone knows it.

In any event, the article said shut your trap and do your work brilliantly. So, there you have it.

Besides, I could stand to generate some good karma. So, positivity ahoy.

Here’s to all the pieces shaking out and landing where they’re supposed to.

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