I don’t know how else to put it

Let’s see. Concert starts at 9:30 p.m. It will take a half-hour to drive there and another half-hour to park and walk.

Odds of being done with today’s workload by 8 p.m.? Pretty low.

Odds of me missing this concert? Even lower.

As I had the opportunity to help bring three promising individuals onto our team this week, I got to thinking about the last round.

I honestly believe everyone has a talent. Even if that talent is watching, learning and mimicking.

That’s not a talent we’re working with.

What I struggle with is that when people just don’t understand things, they don’t understand that YOU don’t understand them the same way they do.

Like, I’m sitting here seeing a sentence that was submitted pretty much as “The sky is blue during the daytime.”

Fine. Readable enough.

But if the first law of editorial is “do not introduce error,” I smell a life sentence for this:

The interpretation is essentially, “Cornflower is the essence of the nighttime because daytime is blue.”

And you know me. I have to rage. And then I shut down. And then I put up my “away” message and solve the problem.

Which is mostly that everyone knows the damn sky is blue so why even include it?

In any event. Someone made mention that things will be this way for a long time. And I died. Absolutely, utterly, crushingly died.

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