Subtitle: Adhesive-side up, day 2

Good GAWD.

OK, so I managed to get to the auto parts store for some antifreeze/coolant for the vehicle. I popped the hood (broke three nails on the hidden lever) and filled that bitch up. End of story, no?


OK, I got the fixing-my-car stuff down, but flailed at the “being a girl” thing today.

All right, when hipster jeans became all the rage, I dutifully picked up five or six (OK, 12) pairs. And of course, I had to go find about 30 pairs of scandalous underwear to go under them as there’s nothing more horrifying to me than having one’s gutchies peeking above low-waisted jeans.

I love my gutchies. Really I do. I just don’t think sometimes and wear jeans-appropriate gutchies under suits.

Bad, bad Goddess. *spank*

So I’m standing in this crammed, tiny and obnoxious parking lot today, replenishing my fluids, and MY UNDERWEAR FELL OFF. I had sort of noticed that those silky lil numbers were sliding out of place a bit, as I didn’t have jeans to hold them in place, but God damn it my cooter was catching a breeze and I wasn’t enjoying it! I clamped my knees together and caught them.

I, of course, laughed my ass off and spilled coolant everywhere because of the irony that when I work under the hood, the girly pants fall to the wayside.

And yes, I did go home and change my gutchies, before you even ask. That’s all I’d need, to be in the elevator at work with someone important and lose my gutchies. Although, it would be a neat trick if anyone would happen to be in there who would be WORTH dropping one’s panties for!!!

4 Responses to (P)antifreeze

  1. Evil Genious :

    Hmmm…so this is how those single pairs of drawers can sometimes be spied along the roadside. They fall off of women who are “trying to do non-girl stuff”. Maybe our goochies are trying to tell us something.


  2. Sabre :

    omfg, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read today! I’d love to use that as a reason to be late. “Sorry I’m late boss, my panties fell off in the parking lot and I had to go home to get more. My boyfriend? No, he wasn’t there, why?”

  3. Erica :

    Fell off?!

  4. Caterwauling :

    […] I mean, Meredith lost her panties! I couldn’t catch my breath from laughing. (I feel ya, sister!) Too bad it was Life screwing me that day and not McDreamy. Or any of the hot men on the show. *swoon* […]