Sticky-side up

My beloved Old Friend left a comment the other day that reminded me of something we used to say, years ago. When we’d encounter someone who was acting like someone had switched dynamite with their tampon, we used to say that it was an “adhesive-side up” day — i.e., that they’d put their pad on backward. Youch.

And it’s stuck (ha) with us, as there are some days when you just know you’re going to have to rip that glue off your skin and it ain’t gonna feel pretty. Kind of makes you want to get a pre-emptive Brazilian. (And not just a Brazilian housecleaner. 😉

In any event, getting back to my adhesive-side-up moment, my car? Has something wrong with it. I was about 55 minutes out of Northwest D.C. Sunday when something started stinkin’. My instrument panel lit up like a friggin’ pinball machine in the vehicle in scary redneck northern Maryland, much to my non-delight. Recall, I’d had the thing serviced on Saturday, so I was annoyed.

Today, I came home (on the rare occasion that it was still light outside, albeit barely). There I am in a suit and heels and iPod blaring out some Snow Patrol, with my car manual in-hand. And seriously, I cannot believe my luck, but a mechanic! walked by! Woo!

He offered to help, and he checked out the car and said I have zero coolant. (Which I had figured out with the manual, but he didn’t know that and it astounded me how easily it came to him when I’ve been wondering when the car’s going to go up in smoke so I can get out of this fucking loan and go get a new one.) 😉 I’m so sure I’m going to find time to get some before work tomorrow (not) or after it (ha), but at least I know what the problem is. My mom had been in the car and said it smelled like fish, and I was like, well, did ya wash your hoo-ha before I let you get in it? lol

That pisses me off because I was told all my fluids were topped off, so it’s possible that A) they lied or B) the thing’s cracked. And I just got my new insurance policy bill and let me tell you, it’s HIGH. Pfft. Good driver rates, my adhesive ASS!

In any event, I’m just happy that I got the hood open, but I’m even happier that God sent someone along today at the right time to give me that little bit of hope and encouragement that I’d been needing. Once in awhile, a day doesn’t end up sucking. Go figure. I guess a well-placed human interaction (read: a smile from a cute boy) can turn a day from sticky-side up to sunny-side up in the time it takes for a heart to beat.

3 Responses to Sticky-side up

  1. Erica :

    I’ve had that happen. Had my car serviced, some jackhole forgot to plug something back in, and several miles later some smartypants in the window at the Taco Bell drive thru points out the obvious fact that I have smoke coming out from under my hood.

  2. Evil Genious :

    Sorry about your car, but love the sticky side up line. Great post!

  3. trouble :

    Great line, and that’s so happened to me (ouch). I actually have a rather cool dad who taught me to do basic things to my car (not that I actually do them, I pay someone to do them). But I’d take it back to where you had it serviced and kick ass.