Oh, the wine we will consume…

My phone registered zero missed calls today. I took all the calls I got and I made other calls. Did not once have to cuss loudly at the phone to STOP RINGING because someone wouldn’t STOP STALKING me. Victory!

I was just looking at how the price of my dining room set changed on Amazon. I got a table, four chairs and a baker’s rack — plus shipping — for just a couple dollars more than what the table and four chairs cost today. I say, free shipping and baker’s rack? Yes, please! Thanks, Universe!

My head is throbbing today. Like, someone put a nail on my temple and is painstakingly hitting it *tap … tap … tap.* I have too much work to do, but I had to call it quits because I couldn’t function.

And I needed cake. Fucking diet. I did so well the last two weeks. Humph. Cake tomorrow, then DaDa Thursday, and THEN diet!

So, OK, in other good news today, I got invited to stay in Paris. PARIS. Yes, THAT Paris. I have a place to stay (the invitation was given to me to extend to my favorite travel partner, the lovely Lady L, as well). Two blocks from the Eiffel Tower, and a fridge full of brie at all times.

Lady L, when are you free?!?!

I assure you, my new-car purchase can wait!!!

I also have to thank my phone-abusing friend for putting me back in touch with an old friend. We type here and there but it’s been nice to have an actual dialogue again. The banter has made for a couple of very lighthearted moments during otherwise-serious meetings or between-meeting breaks.

There was another conversation today that tickled me. I have to share:

Person 1: “If I kill (blank), their parents can just have another child.”

Me: “I dunno. God broke the mold after He made THAT one.”

Person 1: “Well, that one somehow slipped past God. No worries — I’ll go round this one up and remove the blemish on humanity that once roamed the earth freely. I got your back, God!”

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