Cake + vodka = happy Goddess

Busy day.

Blew off work at 2:30 p.m. to attend a birthday party at a neighboring office. The birthday boy showed up close to 5 p.m. By then we’d eaten most of the cake (from Sugar Chef. NOM. Second birthday in a week that we had cake from there!) and polished off a bottle of Patron, Three Olives’ grape vodka, Captain Morgan, Grey Goose and Malibu rum.

I think only four of us were in attendance. 😉 Did I mention that I love my job?

Since I was back in my home area well-before my usual 7-p.m.-ish departure time, I opted to waste time by driving around for a few hours. The weather here is GORGEOUS. It’s about 83 all the time, very windy — just beautiful.

The winds are fierce — I was able to turn off my a/c because, just a floor shy of my old penthouse digs, the air is crazy up here. The vertical blinds are all kerfuffled, paperwork has blown into the wrong rooms, the cat pretty much lives in the closet and, any second now, I’m just WAITING for a house to fall on my mother.

A girl can dream, yes?

I was kind of giggling to myself a few minutes ago, that I officially met the third-biggest asshole in Palm Beach County. The only reason he won’t ever usurp No. 1 and No. 2 is because he, at the very least, earned his right to be a dick.

Not saying he SHOULD be as Costco-sized box o’ douche as he is … but, you know. I’m willing to respect someone who’s basically spent a lifetime successfully (and legally) scamming people out of their money. Assholes 1 and 2 are just pricks for the sake of being so.

Speaking of assholes, when IS that house gonna fall on that woman? Like my friend said to his own mom, either get better soon or decline quickly!

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