Odds and ends

I was hastily scribbling something in my gratitude journal today and it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn’t be doing my braindump publicly while saying all my nice things offline. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Today I give thanks to everyone who ever gave me a nurturing environment in which to be myself and to cast fear aside in order to be myself and grow to my fullest potential. You know who you are/were. Thank you for never being abysmally disappointed in me (and for never showing it if you were), and for trusting me with big things to create even-greater things.

I’ve also started organizing my mental clutter a bit, and I realize it’s now or never when it comes to creating a space in my mind and heart (and schedule) for “someone else,” whomever he may be.

I bought a bible this weekend. I got “The Message” Bible — it’s pink because part of the proceeds go toward breast-cancer awareness — and this one is promising because I’ve never done well trying to read the traditional tome. Amazing, a book written for modern times, in a font size that my old-ass eyes can comprehend!

I’ve got nothing else tonight. Well, I DO, but its “fit for print” status remains to be seen. Glass houses and stones and shit like that, yo. As long as God loves me, I can pity everyone else who isn’t quite that smart!

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