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Yesterday I spent hours waiting for FedEx to arrive with my new check card.

And unbeknownst to me, my mom was actually sitting in the lobby for three hours, watching for FedEx to arrive.

And unbeknownst to both of us, my landlady had intercepted the delivery of said check card on THURSDAY and never mentioned it. And had we not seen her in the lobby yesterday around 2 p.m., I still wouldn’t have the blasted thing.

I’ve been cigarette-free for over a week and if I can get through this crap without lighting up, I’m pretty certain I can get through anything at this point.

I just feel bad about calling my bank and screaming at them for not being able to give me tracking info on my package. I was going to dispute the rush charge because it sure as hell didn’t get to me in a rush. But it did get to my building in a rush, so I’m going to retreat now. 🙂

I take back everything bad I said about them and, officer, if someone burns down the Fallsgrove branch in Rockville, Md., it wasn’t me or any of my disciples — I promise!

I found myself with a free night last night. I done wore Mommy out so much during the day with my spending spree (we hadn’t had a proper meal in a week so I had to remedy that, followed by frolicking through Costco and other assorted stores) that I had the whole night to myself.

I actually went to a bookstore and met a nice guy. (He didn’t ask for my number, and I didn’t offer. But I would have provided it upon request.) I figure he was probably a serial killer and, upon realizing that I wouldn’t put up a fight, he decided to move on to someone who would provide more of a challenge. 😉

However, I was a moron and was running around in a sundress all day. We’re having a “cold front” here in South Florida. It was only 80 degrees all day. People were out in sweaters and shit. I laughed.

Then I was in my strappy little dress last night and it dropped to 67 degrees. After I got a permanent case of goose bumps, I stopped laughing.

I admit, I’ve spent the last six months mentally comparing how Florida blows in comparison to D.C. Not intentionally, of course. My most-recent thought was that D.C. at least has free activities (museums, fairs, etc.) and I would have at least had something to do when I was penniless these past few days.

But I also remember traipsing around the National Mall in the rain, slush and snow. And while I remember occasionally doing so with someone to keep me warm, I have to admit that knowing the temperature won’t dip much below 70 degrees for the rest of the year is a BIG PLUS to Florida living.

I guess I’m home. Not only is it time to unpack, but definitely to unpack my fall sweaters, ’cause my blood thinned out right quick and I’m COLD, damn it!

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