Name games

I’ve often found that people who share a name are often similar in temperament. I won’t name names, but I’m sure you’ve never met a ____ you didn’t like, or a ____ whom you DID.

I’ve finally met the ___ who broke the winning streak of about 15 of his predecessors. Hunh. I’m shocked and, admittedly, disappointed. I have to rename the lead character in my novel series now — I had FINALLY settled on a name I figured I’d never grow to abhor!

But speaking of that name, and one who made me love it, thanks for your note. I remember you fondly as well. And while I prided myself on not playing the “if only” game after our time had passed, I woke up to hearing my iPod randomly blasting about six of “our” songs today. In a row.

And it sounds romantic and hopeless, but I stared at the ocean from my bed and transcended years of cobwebs in a heartbeat to remember you.

OK, I’ll allow myself one round of “if only”: If only I could just switch you with the one who tries to hurt me at every opportunity, life would be as close to perfect as it could ever be. …

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