Odds and ends

* If this month at work doesn’t kill me, nothing will. Not even my commute.

* “Town Whore” is my new favorite phrase. I will never get tired of calling someone that name. Just because I don’t want the dumbass who told me he’d prefer to be with her than me, doesn’t mean I don’t get violently angry that karma can’t get to her house as fast as old-lady skin apparently has.

* He has consistent taste in women. One looks like she’s had her face bashed in by a baseball bat. The other one is mouthy and could benefit from being hit with a baseball bat.

* I was just thinking about three pet-sitting disasters ago. I still have the key to that person’s house. I think she’s since moved. Hell if I know. Hmm. Oh well.

* Been missing my Maddie. She was older and sickly, but fleas and the medicine and the shaving said fleas out of her fur had to be what accelerated her demise. I saw fleas the other day (not on Kadie thank God — I don’t think she would live through it again) and I don’t think I’ve stopped itching since. Or crying.

* Had a couple blasts from the past reappear in Mom’s and my lives, respectively. Everyone remembers me as being snarky. And I’m tired of being sweet (or dying trying). Maybe I’ll be happier if I can tell people the fuck off (and TO fuck off) again without worrying what they’d think of me.

* I have a note on my phone at work that says, “The choice is mine.” I forgot about it till a colleague read it over my shoulder today. I have to remember that — I don’t have to say yes to everything. I don’t have to say yes to anything out of a misguided sense of guilt or obligation, especially if I didn’t have the full story when I committed. No more being “volunteered” either. I’ll probably always continue to pick yes because that’s just me. But it won’t kill me to say no a little more … and I can prove it because I’m still here!

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