‘My friend went to NYC and all I got was this crusty old-lady cooch’

Just concluded a “world tour” of New York City, parts of Jersey, Philly and various town names ending in “Beach” here in Florida.

Got to see some wonderful people while I was up north. This was the year I decided my vacation would be spent at dining-room tables instead of running around like a nut. And although we spent more time on trains and in my rental car than on solid ground, we were rushing toward big meals with people with even-bigger hearts.

Plus, I got to see NYC at Christmas. I always used to go in Februaries for a trade show. It was nice to see every inch of the city covered in Christmas lights. (I probably have 165 pics of the tree at Rockefeller Center alone!)

It was a quiet Christmas here in the land of 75- to 84-degree Decembers. Mom and I feasted on seven-ish fishes on Christmas Eve and ate Christmas Day lasagne by our starfish-themed tree. We went briefly to the beach yesterday — our only remaining tradition, really — and I tried a new church for candlelight services. Meh. I’ll stick with avoiding my mega-church instead of going to these clustery wonderlands that can’t get their acts together … even if there were some good-looking men to ogle while I wasn’t paying attention!

Topo Gigio is with his beloved Whorothy for the holidays. Which, don’t even get me started on that. 🙂 He sent me a gift (a good one!) to my workplace, which was nice of him, although he also returned a card to me that I’d given him back in the spring after he told me all about his adoration for the town whore.

Anyway, we’re on a friendly texting basis, so I’m going to be nice and not share all the glorious insults my girlfriend and I came up with about her when we were planning our stint as roommates in hell. 🙂 All I have to say is that, after he texted me that he loved my NYC pics on Facey-pages and was jealous of my time there, my response to my girlfriend was, “I need to get him a T-Shirt that says, ‘My friend went to NYC and all I got was this crusty old-lady cooch’!”

I’ll take hell as long as I don’t have to deal with Pennsylvania weather again!!! 🙂

More to come. I just really missed typing. Hope everyone had a holiday that was as wonderful as mine!

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