O mai aching ass

Another day, another addition to my Dead Sea Scrolls-sized shit list.

Actually, the same assholes are on it — I’ve changed my analyst rating of some from “want to kill” to “needs killin’ STAT.”

Since I just made an appointment with the hoo-ha doctor for next week, I can share this story that’s sort of related to my ass:

Friend: So, where should I put these files?
Me: Up my ass.
Friend: Hrm. Well, I don’t know, because I’m not certain anyone would know to look for them there.
Me: There are so many people up there, I’m sure that someone is BOUND to see them and ask what they are.

I knew Amalah was going to have a baby this week (OMG, check out this wee one. Can you say Teh Kyootness? Yes you can!).

I decided I was jealous that yes, while she had someone up her butt, at least he was coming out. And as Tiff reminded me, the people up my butt? Not so kyoot. Not one bit. 😉

One Lonely Response to O mai aching ass

  1. chris :

    I’ll say it in Arab.

    Files Apyur Pup’r probably would not be the worst place to be.