Apparently there’s hope yet

Today’s Gemini horoscope:

Instead of searching for a compromise, you should stick to your guns and push right back when they start pushing you. Their priorities are not in the right place, but yours are.

I have this one person whose brilliance shines over their pain-in-the-ass-ness, but let me tell you, they are the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever encountered. But in the vein of my preference at working with smartasses over dumbasses, I’ve learned to lose battles gracefully. I fight the good fight, but some days you gotta know when to walk away and most days, you should just choose to run away from this one.

Anyway, imagine my surprise today when said individual not only asked my advice, but decided to FOLLOW it. *faints* You know, I’m not any smarter than I was several months ago when we started working together, but the fact that they finally see it, accept it and utilize it, well, that’s what we call a victory ’round these parts.

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