O HAI speeding meteor!

I figured things were going too well.

I hate it when I’m right.

OK, so I’ve been struggling with money. Which is no shocker. But I just decided not to pay rent so I can go apartment-hunting this weekend. Whee! Great fun.

OK, so I also went to the doctor earlier this week. She said everything looked fine and if I don’t hear from her, then all is well.

I heard from her.

She is asking me to come in for an appointment.

Great. More money I don’t have.

To say I’m nervous is an understatement. Mostly because she was kind of giggling at me that I was so hyper-vigilant about preventive care — that I’m too young to be such a worrywart about it.

I just wonder what the hell came out of this. Hopefully my triglycerides are out of whack, although things should be better with the reduced amount of poundage I’ve been lugging around.


I’m overly emotional today, so this isn’t helping matters one bit. I finally got up the balls to talk to my favorite boss about my leaving. And I knew — I just KNEW — that I couldn’t talk to him without bursting straight into tears. And sure enough, I barely got out a “hello” and the waterworks started.

I’m sure you all have read my thinly veiled grumblings over the years about work. But it’s always been “outside” people who irritated me — outside of my department, outside the building, etc. And in fact, it’s rarely been people who have gotten my goat but instead situations. The people have always been the highlight. And this just made it real for me — I have been lucky to work with some of the finest minds in my business, and they were glad to help me along to rise toward their ranks of greatness.

Anyway, I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep till I get through now two doctor’s appointments tomorrow. It had to be something in the bloodwork. Because this is ALL I need right now, to add to the already IMMENSE load of stress that’s bursting from the seams.

Oh well. Any way it shakes out, I’m on a plane out of here Friday morning. Not that I can afford any of the properties I’m going to look at, but I am at capacity on worries I can deal with today. Those worries can wait another two days.

2 Responses to O HAI speeding meteor!

  1. Lachlan :

    Breathe, chica. It’ll be ok. I know how you’re feeling- every day that something else happens here I wonder how many more damn problems I can stomach.


  2. Mel :

    It’s all for the better.

    I went to the Dr. 43 times last year not including all of the chiropractic visits, does that make me sound like a worry-wart?