Not in the mood for the ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ I keep hearing …

I wasted time offering a job to the worst candidate in the world and lost time finding the best.

And today I lost the best candidate to another job.

Seriously, this girl made me feel like I was discovering myself in the resume pile. I wondered if my previous employers felt so excited to find someone so awesome — someone to whom they couldn’t WAIT to make an offer.

I wanted to hire her after our first telephone conversation. And again after we met in person Thursday.

I wanted to bring her in for the final, formal interview tomorrow. But alas, she accepted another job.

Reminds me of when I was choosing between going to Vermont and taking the job I have now. Vermont didn’t move quickly enough.

I had bills to pay. I’d been freelancing for a variety of people with a variety of ideas about what “paying on time” and “paying in full” meant.

I imagine this is the same situation, although she was too gracious to say it and frankly so I was I, when I was in the same situation.

I almost admire the asshole I didn’t hire, bragging about some phantom job offer that paid like double what I wanted to offer him. (I could have paid more; I just didn’t think his scruffy punk ass was worth it.)

And he did write me recently to ask where it all went wrong that I retratcted the offer. Um, I thought you had a better offer you wanted instead?

Was I the one who got away for him … and is this girl the one who got away for me?

And here I thought I’d finally get a fucking day off now that I’d identified someone brilliant, funny, smart and capable.

Fuck. Me.

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