Feeling a bit like Jill Abramson

I’ve been interviewing candidates and it’s been killing me.

I didn’t advertise for people in my field; in fact, it’s a plus that they haven’t had their soul forcibly ripped from their bodies.

But the editing tests I send, while people generally do well, scare the fuck out of them and they don’t let me get to the offer stage because they can’t imagine doing this shit every day of their lives.

I notice the men I interview are “meh.” But they think they are God’s gift.

Like, I dance circles around these fools in ability, aptitude and dedication. And they all want more money than I take home and they make it clear they don’t want to do the bitch work and they SURE don’t want to do it after 5 p.m.

“PRETTY CLOSE TO RESISTIBLE, LOVER MAN.” How many times do I have to quote Whitney Houston’s “Savannah” character in “Waiting to Exhale”?

I wonder if my boss talks to these people with me and realizes how AWESOME I am. Or whether I will just never be a part of the swinging dicks club outside of which I have stood my whole career.

I imagine Jill Abramson kicked ass at the New York Times. And fuck yeah she deserved equal pay. She probably deserved MORE PAY. I bet she worked 10 times harder and appreciated the opportunity a thousand times more.

I would know.

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