This is what I get for wearing makeup to work

My friend at work lost her mom over the weekend.

The situation is all too familiar to when we lost my grandmother.

Gram had a stroke, the medics came, the medics LEFT and then had to be called back, and then she couldn’t walk or talk right the rest of her life.

My friend’s mom had a stroke, the medics came, the medics LEFT and had to be called back, and then she was paralyzed.

Both still sharp as tacks though. They knew what happened and they were powerless to it.

My mom took care of my grandmother for seven years before we took her to the hospital and they killed her that day.

And Kevorkian got jailed for that shit, killing people who wanted to die.

Fuck, go to McKeesport Hospital (and the VA Hospital in Oakland and Aspinwall and Hazelwood. Fucking torture chambers) and they will kill you even though you didn’t want to be kilt.

Anyway, I’m a wreck today.

I burst straight into tears when I heard about my friend’s mom. Her situation is identical to my grandmother’s — only it was three months long, not seven years.

Also, and we are all in the same boat of having a mom who is our best friend who is living in our houses for us to care for them.

I have nothing profound to say about it, here or to my friend. My friend told me to hug my mom today and every day.

You just never know when God is going to want them back. And even when you think you’re ready to let them go, you find yourself 15 years later realizing you weren’t then and you still aren’t now.

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