Nom nom nom

Am hanging at Noodles & Co. with a bad case of PMS and a newsletter that refuses to die and a computer that’s threatening to do just that. (Have PMS or die. Whichever.)

Dude, Thai curry soup and Wisconsin mac & cheese. The ultimate in comfort foods. OMG, I would have been so much NICER today if I’d ingested all this pasta earlier. Of course, I would also have been asleep. Which doesn’t bode well for the NEWSLETTER FROM HELL’s fate tonight, natch.

Have to be on the road around 6:15 a.m. tomorrow for the first of a three-day adventure to a different city. It would be less painful if there were a hotel stay involved. Am hoping not to get carsick in the carpool, as that would ruin the hour-and-a-half of pre-meeting time before the nine-hour meeting time and hour-plus commute home. I don’t suppose I can smoke? Hahahaaaaa.

Cannot. Stop. Eating. Cheesy. Noodles. Nom nom nom zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. …

One Lonely Response to Nom nom nom

  1. kara :

    your making me hungry….