Not the kind of ‘getting jumped’ I like to start my day with

So the apocalypse was overdue because I was hellbent (ahem) on attending church today.

And I’m not certain why the heavens enjoy smiting me when I’m trying to do some goddamned good in this world, but my car battery? DEAD.

I thought about taking a taxi but that doesn’t solve the greater problem. Assuming the greater problem is having a working car and not trying to secure a place in heaven or anything.

I have two new neighbors, and they were parked next to me. Oddly, they were on THEIR way to church and saw me yelling at my car for sucking ass. And the guy, dressed to the nines for worship, offered to jump me. (Yes, please!) Er, jump the battery. Which worked. And I wondered whether to go straight to church and pray for my piece of shit vehicle (that I JUST paid off!!!) or to ensure I didn’t get stranded again. Alas, the desire to overpay for a battery won out.

I went to a couple of dealerships with full intentions of trading in the jalopy, but nothingvwas open. I went to a few stores and got lucky that one was open. So here I am with a $100 estimate and a two-hour wait. How exciting for me. I am looking entirely too cute to be sitting here, keeping watch over a car I can’t shut off or else it’ll never make it to the service bay. Damn it. And I only have an eighth of a tank of gas, if that.

I was trying to conjure up the reason why everything needs to go awry. Like, maybe I will learn there’s something more serious wrong with the car. Or that maybe those good Christians would have burned my pagan ass on a stake. I dunno. I did meet a really nice guy as I was sitting here. He was showing me his military scrapbook from the Vietnam era. It had been lost for decades and he said it was mysteriously left on his porch recently. It’s full of photos of him with Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. Absolutely amazing stuff.

Maybe I was supposed to meet him to restore my faith in good people, as that scrapbook was his treasure. I guess I’ve personally gotten accustomed to people being self-serving, insignificant, greedy, hurtful douchebags. It’s good to know that the good guys really do win if they wait long enough. And it was good to know, for me, to have neighbors who care and a friend to check in to ensure I wasn’t stranded. And in that, maybe there’s the greater message — to not give up on humanity just yet, because the good in the world is far greater than everything else that tries to overshadow it.

So, I just saw a Mexican guy jump in my car and drive off with it. Here’s to hoping he actually works here!!!!

2 Responses to Not the kind of ‘getting jumped’ I like to start my day with

  1. Lachlan :

    You know I feel your pain, since the same thing happened to us a couple weekends ago. What a pain!

    I hope the new battery does the trick.

  2. Caterwauling :

    […] Maybe that’s my lesson — that I can always walk away from a situation and know that I did what I could. Or maybe it’s just what comes around, goes around. It was in that very same parking lot that another neighbor gave me a jump so I could drive to the mechanic. […]