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I never seem to blog about my weekends anymore, and since they’re the only thing interesting in my existence, that’s a damn shame. Oh well. Yay for having fun and not having time to write about it than NOT having fun and ONLY having time to write!

Went to the Shirlington Oktoberfest to celebrate Tom’s birthday. (Which is today. Happy Birthday!) I was sort of over it before it began because the only thing I hate more than crowds are crowds of drunken 21-year-olds. Which, hey, I WAS back at that age, so good for them. I guess I belong more to the wine-tasting crowd these days — I like the lower-key, higher-falutin’ atmosphere that comes with being a budding sommelier, I suppose.

I had gone to Oktoberfest with full intentions of drinking myself into oblivion, but meh. The lines were too long. And the hops-and-barley wasn’t anything to brag about. I had to dump out one of my glasses (into a trash can like a civilized human being and not into the streets like everyone else seemed to be doing) so I only pounded three beers in total. Whee. The gang retired to Guapo’s for Coronas, and a part of me wanted to go try more brews, but I ended up dashing off to Caribou for an iced mocha because I needed to be up early on Sunday. (For the church visit that wasn’t.) Damn this adulthood thing!

I did end up going to church for all of 10 minutes. It was fine. I met nice people. I figured I had finally gotten up the balls to go to Sunday services so I might as well take advantage of it. And it was cool — the band was singing a song by Switchfoot, which made me fall in love. I mean, there was a BAND and not a choir. It was a song I actually knew the words to and have the MP3 of. Not the usual church visit in which I don’t know the scriptures and certainly don’t know the hymns.

Will I go back? Maybe. Probably. Yeah. Yes. Even just 10 minutes there was good for me because I might have never entertained the thought of going back. Like, unless another part of my car decides to commit suicide, I’ll make the effort to show up on time. Too bad I had to tithe $100 to the car-repair gods for a freaking battery when all I wanted to do was get a little bit of spiritual uplifting. Oh well.

If I’m feeling particularly ambitious next time around, I might even go to the earlier services. 🙂 Well, OK, maybe not, but for as long as it takes me to get ready, I’d probably *just* make it for the late session if I plan to hit the first! And if I’d just done THAT in the first place yesterday, maybe I would have MADE IT to the services I’d planned to attend all along!

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