‘No matter what I may have planned…’

“I’ve got nothing on my mind: Nothing to remember,
Nothing to forget. And I’ve got nothing to regret,
But I’m all tied up on the inside,
No one knows quite what I’ve got;
And I know that on the outside
What I used to be, I’m not anymore.”

— Don McLean, “Crossroads”

I went from a wonderful weekend to one of the most frustrating weeks of my life. It’s almost too embarrassing to explain, but it’ll be in my book someday.

Mark my words.

Till then, I’ve let it go, and look forward to a better today without the burden of trying to change the world. “Operation: $@#%@!” is stalled and I am crying uncle for the moment.

I’ll get right back on that tomorrow, though. 😉

“You know I’ve heard about people like me,
But I never made the connection.
They walk one road to set them free
And find they’ve gone the wrong direction.

But there’s no need for turning back
`Cause all roads lead to where I stand.
And I believe I’ll walk them all
No matter what I may have planned.”

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