‘Just a hometown boy, born a rolling stone’

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GREAT weekend. Just rolled back into beach land from Orlando for what I like to call our “family reunion.”

Got to see lots of former colleagues — those who weren’t sent home to be captive to the crapload of snow that dropped on our D.C. motherland. Several folks are still stuck down here, while their families haven’t had electricity or an ability to, oh, burrow out of their houses in days.

What’s great about these “family reunions” is that not only do current employees at my old job show up, but all of us ex-employees come back to visit. What’s greater still is NOT having to work at the conference, and wearing comfy shoes/clothes and coming and going as you please. 🙂

Anyway, what a great group that showed up at this event. And wow, did I feel like the prodigal daughter, coming home for a visit. A Bon Jovi lyric came to mind (I know, shocker, right?): “There’s only one place they call you one of their own.”

And wow, how true is that? Everyone’s like a long-lost parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, brother or sister. Even the regular customers who always used to walk up to me to chat — it was wonderful to be remembered fondly. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong — I made the right move to hit the road when I did. But after having so many ex-employers treat me like crap because I dared to defect from the camp and try something else, these guys have nothing but love and support.

Never felt so good about myself, either. It’s amazing what people remember, and share with fondness, respect and maybe even reverence. And those feelings, I clearly return.

So, I’m home and I’m sort of homesick, but it was never for D.C. It was always for my “family” and friends.

But knowing they’re trapped here for a couple of days makes me a little bit selfishly happy to know that everyone’s in my area. 🙂

This was exactly what I needed — just a couple of days with people who know me better than I know myself. My one friend kicked my ass about still supporting my mom and I promised to adhere to her timeline to change that!

I’m just glad I didn’t miss out on this event. Everyone has changed a lot in the past year. Maybe I’ve changed the most. And the Goddess of a year ago wouldn’t have been able to make time for friends and fun.

This Goddess has finally realized (courtesy of said friend above) that everything in life will come and go, but you have to nurture what will be with you forever.

And seeing that we can all grow and change and still pick right back up where we left off did my heart and soul worlds of good. It’s much easier to move forward without feeling the need to look back every once in a while.

I’m already putting next year’s family reunion on the calendar. And I’m counting my blessings for my fan club, for NOT living in D.C. anymore, and for having a world of opportunities right where I am to look forward to.

And as I wrap this up from my computer that overlooks the ocean, I say, “It’s good to be me.” And, “Thanks, God, for everything.”

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