Careful what you wish for

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When you ask for abundance, you get it.

Note to self: DEFINE abundance before you ask for it.

I’ve got it both good and bad, so I’m not allowing myself to complain.

I’d rather have too many choices than too few.

But I also don’t want to blow a choice because I pick wrong (again).

Because you just don’t get it back, you’ve got to do it right the first time. Or, the second time, as I’m finding.

All the stars are aligning when it comes to friends and fun and boys. I guess I finally understand when people marry someone and wish they’d chosen someone else. I mean, when you can’t have them all, you go with what works for you right now.

I want it all, damn it. Why can’t I have it?

So, allow me to enjoy this brief moment where I’m not worrying about the bullshit, because the bullshit will not matter in five years from now.

And indulge me as I envision all the possibilities and, for one shining moment in my life, feel like the prettiest girl at the dance. Does our heroine pick the quarterback or the president of the math club … or the loner who’s smoking a cigarette behind the school?

Or is there a way she can have them all … and will she figure it out in time?

One Lonely Response to Careful what you wish for

  1. chris :

    You ARE the prettiest girl at the dance 🙂