Nice knowin’ ya (but it’s TV season)

I *~*heart*~* January. New “Grey’s Anatomy,” “24,” “House” and, of course, my beloved “American Idol.” *swoon* One day I might actually learn how to program my VCR so I can actually CATCH everything I want to watch, but alas, I can count on summer reruns for most of it.

My best friend called this morning as I was driving to work (10 a.m. EST, 7 a.m. Pacific — i.e., her time). She asked if it were OK to put her daughter on the phone with me, which OF COURSE — she’s the only toddler who’s been articulate enough on the phone with me to warrant subsequent calls.

Long story short, Alex (the munchkin) is as addicted to “Idol” as Shan and I are. Poor kid’s got the flu, so I understand it that she wanted to call me late last night, but Shan said they had to wait till today because I was asleep. (I probably wasn’t, but still.) Anyway, Shan said Alex never went to sleep so quickly as she did when she heard, “Go right to sleep and you’ll be able to call Aunt Dawn when you wake up.”

I’ve been warned that this ploy WILL be used again because Alex NEVER goes to sleep on command like that!

Anyway, Alex woke right up this morning, promptly threw up and, as Shan was washing her face, Alex pointed to the phone and said, “Call Aunt Dawn!”

So I got the call, only to hear this very precocious 2 1/2 year old tell me, “Aunt Dawn! ‘Idol’ on tonight! Love you!” and she handed the phone back to Shan. What a way to start the day!

And of course we all just decompressed just a few minutes ago. “Idol” is still on over there, but it was good to at least “watch” it together for old times’ sake. (Shan and I used to watch it on the phone while they were still in Virginia — long before Alex could talk.)

Anyway, how mean were the judges? I wanted to kick Simon’s ass a few times — especially that “Will we have a bigger stage this season?” bit when the one girl left the room. (And she was fantastic! He’s such a fuckhead.) One of the judges said the gal reminded them of Frenchie (Davis), and Simon said she reminded him of France (the country). Dick. Although, let’s face it — that’s why I tune in!

4 Responses to Nice knowin’ ya (but it’s TV season)

  1. trouble :

    pretty damn cute! I

  2. trouble :

    I adore grey’s anatomy!

  3. Victor :

    I can’t get enough “Idol” or “House” either. Do you think you could convince the GF to start watching TV with me?

  4. Caterwauling :

    […] Simon had been a dick about her after her audition. And when she made it to the finals, she had an opportunity to confront him about it. She did so with grace, poise, dignity and CLASS. I fell more in love with her than ever before. […]