Well, at least from a work standpoint it’s technically a Monday …

Reader Poll Monday

1. What is your most prized posession?
My Mac

2. What one thing are you most proud of?
Surviving the last year and a half. My best friend reminded me of it this morning — she called while I was driving to work to wish me a happy anniversary, and she pretty much hit me over the head with, “You were never going to accept defeat. You are making it and thriving in D.C. — you didn’t go home to your family to sleep on the floor and waste away your life. You made things happen and will CONTINUE to.”

Everyone, everyone needs a friend like her. And I am also insanely proud of having found her as a friend.

3. What one thing do you regret most?
We have that pesky little thing in common that our former employers found our blogs, and I said some really not flattering things about my old employer. I mean, REALLY unflattering. And while I don’t regret a word of it, believe it or not (I meant everything I said, and I tried to make sense of things and find solutions instead of just outright complaining), I do regret some of the mean-spiritedness I exhibited in some instances.

I really liked the job itself and gave it up voluntarily when I knew the blog had been discovered (man, were they surprised — they thought I was psychic! Hello webalizer and holy shit, WHEN did I get the Instalanche?!?! Ahem.) and departed on the best terms possible.

But again, I cringe when I think about the laughter I had at their expense. Not to say they didn’t enjoy stomping on my dreams at any given opportunity, but I should have been a better person. Either that, or more clever at hiding my identity. 😉

4. If forced to choose, would you rather cut off your own thumb or have your entire dominant hand surgically removed?
Given that I rip off my acrylic nails when I’m stressed, I’d likely get to my thumb eventually.

5. What is your favorite dairy product?
Is there any answer other than cheese? Seriously? Because I love it. Especially mozzarella string cheese.

6. Can you rollerskate/rollerblade?
I haven’t been on rollerskates since I was 8 years old, so I’ll gander a big ol’ NO to this one.

7. How many pillows are on your bed?

8. Do you have any pet political issues?
I am a card-carrying liberal. Not a tree-hugger, just someone interested in the greater good. Poverty, unemployment, homelessness, social equality, universal healthcare, social programs, abortion, make-love-not-war — these causes will rile me up till the day I die. I’m not one to get into political debate, though. I am what I am and I believe what I believe, and I donate to causes that I care about because they’re the ones doing the hard work and allowing me to have my civil liberties.

9. When you find out that someone has been lying to you and willingly hurting you (without even a hint of an apology) for 4 months, is it *wrong* to wish that some greusome and painful illness befalls him? Or that he gets his cold heart stomped on by someone else for the rest of his pathetic life?
Ooh, boy, if I could hear the story behind THIS question! 😉

I relate in my own way, and on a variety of levels. Suffice it to say that people do in fact get what’s coming to them, even when you watch them seemingly celebrate one success after another and a lot of it after stepping on your personal psyche and draining your creativity and strength and other personal resources to get ahead in life. I’ve often wondered “Who the FUCK does he think he is that he can do this to me? He ain’t THAT special!”

I don’t wait for the mighty to fall — I simply expect to rise higher than they do. Although, I must admit, sometimes I fantasize about stepping on their pwecious widdle egos on my way past!

10. Ask me something.
What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to anyone?

3 Responses to Well, at least from a work standpoint it’s technically a Monday …

  1. Sherri :

    Probably the time when I was in high school, having one of my daily shouting matches with my mother and I screamed out “I hate you from the bottom of feet to the top of my head and with every part of my soul!” Not that every kid hasn’t probably said the old “I hate you” at one point or another, but it was mean because I truly meant it at the time and she knew it and I know that it hurt her a great deal. I eventually apologized, but since my mother and I have always had an incredibly strained relationship, I’m not sure she has ever truly accepted my apology.

  2. Erica :

    Looks like the instalanche was from the Carnival of the Recipes.

  3. Silver Blue :

    Actually, I think the Instalanch she mentioned was when all her coworkers and bosses and that ilk were hitting her blog multiple times during the day.