Wake-up call

My poor neighbor has been sitting outside in the cold for two hours. Why? She locked herself out of her apartment, and the new management refuses to come till 9 a.m. (it’s 7:30 a.m. now). Under the old management (just a few, short months ago), all you had to do was hand $10 to a maintenance person and in you went. Not anymore — seems the new management is intentionally being cruel to the (PAYING) squatters till they can evict us.

I offered the gal coffee and to come in and wait here, but she’s braving it out there sans caffeine and heat, god love her. I’d probably do the same myself, but not before I shot out the tires of the owner of the damn complex.

I just moved all my furniture around on Monday and really like the place. But alas, methinks that the next time I clean, I should really be packing stuff instead of reshelving it. I keep falling out of love with my cute little apartment with every passing day. 🙁

One Lonely Response to Wake-up call

  1. trouble :

    I like your new look! Pretty!