My own Friday Five

Is it a sign that, when you have a sex dream, it’s time to get some?

When you’re going to go, um, *defile* a bathroom stall, wouldn’t it make sense to NOT put your e-mail printouts on the floor of said stall?

When you really want to stomp on someone’s head like a winery worker with a new batch of grapes, yet you instead choose to “kill them with kindness,” why don’t you actually get to *kill* them?

Is it wrong to have lascivious fantasies about most of the cast of “Reunion” and to hate the president even more (if it were possible) simply because his address last night meant the show wasn’t aired? (I watched “Sideways” instead.)

Why do people think that they can out-psycho me on the highways? Don’t they know that it’s the quiet ones for whom you have to watch out? I’d be Daisy Duke if her shorts of the same name wouldn’t fit me better as an anklet. 😉

One Lonely Response to My own Friday Five

  1. IndigoSunMoon :

    Sex dreams are definitely a sign that it’s been WAY too long since you had any. LOL I guess that’s why I’m dreaming so much lately. Gotta hit up the wife soon.
    Have a great day!