Because it should always take 35 minutes to traverse Arlington

The usual six-minute drive apparently just isn’t long and superiorally FUN enough otherwise. *sigh* Construction on 395-North, kids. Be warned.

I’d spent a lovely evening in Mary-land and didn’t get to D.C. proper till 10 p.m.-ish. And with Bon Jovi and Sugarland coming on CMT’s “Crossroads” at 10:30 p.m., well, I was a bit late. But the night out was worth it and I’m sure the episode will air to death like everything else does.

My two least favorite Bon Jovi songs (*gasp*) are “It’s My Life” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Guess which ones they are performing? I didn’t vote for those!!! Oh well, I’m just waiting for Sept. 20 for when the “Have a Nice Day” CD ships — anything to give them some new songs to beat to fucking death. It’s the little things. 🙂

Aside: Bon Jovi’s gonna be at the MCI Center on Dec. 17. Who wants to come with?!?!

I am slightly fascinated by the chemistry between Jennifer and Jon. He recently said in an interview that he’s sick of sitting at home with his wife, as that’s what he’s been doing for two years. Hmm. Hey, if she can get him, good for her. I don’t normally go for blonds, but him, I’d do in a heartbeat. He doesn’t seem all that bright, but he’s pretty. Which explains most mens’ attraction to most women.

In other news, today wasn’t necessarily One of Those Days, but it sure had its moments.

I actually managed to sneak out for lunch (OK, a zip through a drive-thru). I was halfway back to the office when I decided to check said sandwich — yup, I order one widdle item, and it’s fucked. And I was in Just Enough of a mood to do a big, fat U-turn and go right back. When I went in, I was like, “Look, you guys have YET to get one single, solitary order right for me. I don’t mean to make a scene, but please humor me and either fix it or give me a refund.” They fixed it. And I won’t be going back there for a LONG while. 😉

I also forgot my f’in cell phone at work. Like, I remembered it when I was already on the interstate. *boo, hiss* I did the world’s fastest circle and have it now. It’s not that I ever answer the damned thing — I just like to have it to ignore it. 🙂

Unrelated, when I’m not terrorizing highways and restaurant workers, I am patrolling the retail establishments. Recently, I was pondering a really cute LEI jeanskirt (like I don’t have 60 others to choose from at home) when some chick yelled over her shoulder at me, “You GO girl! Boys love them hoochie-mama skirts!”

How does one respond to that? Seriously. I could out-trash-talk anybody, but when I’m trying to ponder whether I can get my fat ass into said hoochie skirt without applying olive oil to my hips, I’m not altogether sociable. I did see the items in her hand, and it occurred to me after the fact that, had I said, “And those items shall make you look like a perfect whore yourself!” perhaps she might have even taken it as a compliment.

At last, however, I did pick out some scandalous underwear and felt MUCH better. Cures what ails ya, I say. Throw ’em on the floor, and if they look good there, then they’re keepers. Trust!

I also had a Sep(w)hora odyssey the other day, too. My lips need some resuscitation, literally, and I was willing to spend Money on something to whip them back into shape.

And I found that No One would wait on me. Like, the hell?! I only got acknowledged after I’d put down my handful of shit and walked out. Meanwhile, I saw 12 sales associates fawning over this chick who said she’s going to be in a beauty pageant. Honey, unless she was competing in a drag show (or a horse race), I wasn’t going for it.

In any event, I know this entry is all over the f’ing place, but that’s the state of my mind. I don’t have any neutral thoughts tonight — just strong ones in opposite directions. It’s like when — for those of us who control the action in our dreams or are at least otherwise hyperaware of them — you know that it’s a toss-up whether you’re going to have a dream or a nightmare.

While of course we want the dream to prevail, ugly things happen to throw you off balance. And I don’t know why — believe me, I’ve got some unanswered questions submitted to the universe on this topic. Till then, I’ll just keep rooting for the good guys to win in the end and the good dreams to outnumber and, ultimately, overshadow the remainder. And I’m pretty sure tonight will be one of the better ones. 🙂

On iTunes: Michael Tolcher, “Sooner or Later”

3 Responses to Because it should always take 35 minutes to traverse Arlington

  1. IndigoSunMoon :

    Dawn Dawn Dawn…
    Bless your heart. Sounds like you had a hell of a day!
    I hope the weekend is much nicer!

  2. ms7168 :

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t CMT the “Country Music” channel? If so then WTF is Bon Jovi doing on it??? He and his music are in no way, shape or form “Country”.
    Or is it just that they (CMT) are showing anything they can to survive? 🙁

  3. Lachlan :

    Speaking of Bon Jovi…

    I got some live Tori Amos discs recently, and she did a cover of “Livin’ On A Prayer”. Good times!