‘Damn it, he put my stapler in jello again’

In this fabulous article on “When FEMA Met Katrina,” this gem caught my eye:

“(Michael Brown) does, however, cite among his exaggerated emergency preparedness credentials a stretch as assistant city manager in Edmond, Okla. His actual job was assistant to the city manager.” Editor’s note: Emphasis mine.

Fans of the American version of “The Office” might remember Dwight Schrute, the assistant to the company manager who tells everyone that he’s the assistant manager.

Perhaps Mr. Brown resigned because he was under the weather with a case of Count Choculitis. That, and he’s probably had to enter Witness Protection, although he does have a future on Season 2 of this beloved show. 😉

3 Responses to ‘Damn it, he put my stapler in jello again’

  1. Ted :

    Couple of points. 1. That’s an opinion piece, as stated at the top of the page. 2. Brown did fine things with all the hurricanes from last year. Was he unqualified? Probably. But the reason it became an issue is because the Louisiana Governor and Mayor of New Orleans were screaming loud and long about how FEMA let them down, to deflect attention from the fact that both of them were criminally negligent and cost lives. Brown may have been incompetent (and I’m not convinced of that), but he didn’t kill anyone.

    And before you start in about how FEMA should have been there, please read around. You’re going to find that FEMA’s response this time was very good, considering that New Orleans in particular and Louisiana in general totally screwed the pooch. Remember, the disaster area is the size of England. Why is everyone focused on that tiny little part with the underwater bus service?

    Oh yeah, because they yelled “It’s Bush’s fault” early and often, and that’s what *almost* half of America wants to hear.

  2. Goddess Dawn :

    Oh, sweetie, it’s cute how you think I might become capable of intelligent discussion. You’re too smart to read my website. 😉

  3. Ted :

    LOL And I’m too dumb to give up trying to convert you to the dark side. 😉