My new favorite question

“So how’s your move coming along?”

*bristle* *snarl* *hiss*

I’ve been pitching a lot of crap, I will tell you that much. Bags of knickknacks and failed attempts at skincare (i.e., wrong-color makeup, allergy-induced rashes thanks to alpha-hydroxy, fuck-it-like-I-ever-have-time-to-use-bubble-bath, etc.). And then of course the oh-yeah-I-remember-THAT-hobby joy. *sigh*

And my furniture? Cannot stand another move. It has seen at least a dozen since I was 19. The only new addition I’ve made has been a spindly $50 bookcase from IKEA to replace the spindly credenza-type display unit that so-called professional movers unceremoniously broke as they were moving it from Pittsburgh to Alexandria. How, you ask? They put my COUCH on it.


I inherited some furniture from friends who have moved, and it’s in varying stages of disrepair, too.

I was talking to my mom today, who said that I really need to get rid of that couch. And the bedroom set. And the dining table. And hell, can’t I just leave it all here, go get a new place and buy all new shit?

She does realize, however, that I will never get a cheaper place, and as I am spending $60-$65 a week on gas for the car, saving? Not an option.

But she means well — I’m certain my clothes alone would fill a good-sized moving truck. And that’s enough effort to move all that without adding furniture to the mix. 😉

Hell, after my last move, I gave up on the wrought-iron-and-pleather dining chairs. Having furchildren will do that. But did I ever replace them? Hah. If I eat at home, it’s usually sitting on the couch or at my crappy pleather computer chair that falls apart because I lost the bolt that holds the back to the seat.

My friend Shan had given me a lovely wrought-iron bedframe when she left town. Problem is, I never figured out how to put it together, so most of it is UNDER the bed, save for the headboard leaning against the wall. *sigh*

When I was in college, I spared no expense in buying Good Furniture. We didn’t have IKEA back then, or if we did, it wasn’t in my neighborhood and I didn’t have a car anyway, so bleah. I had thought said Good Furniture would last me till I got married or otherwise was shacking up with someone, at which point I’d be doing SO much better in life that I could get Even Better shit.

*bristle* *snarl* *hiss*

I used to take great pride in my apartments. And the fundamental reason it’s time to leave this one (other than eviction due to their fucking renovations) is that I am a big believer in changing environments — cutting ties with everything that reminds us of pain. And while I love, love, love my place, I went through a bad time here too. So maybe it’s time to go somewhere with better karma or, at least, without an ocean of tears filling its hallways.

I had to get a new parking sticker today, which was a joy I simply cannot tell in just one paragraph. But I did ask if we had any sister properties in my desired destination area. Which, if you like Wheaton, Md., you can get a 1BR for $1,300 plus all utilities. (!)

How that area commands that price tag is beyond me, but I ain’t gonna be the idiot to pay it.

I did, however, find a FABULOUS place on the Internet. I mean, FABULOUS. The price unfortunately includes a comma (argh) and does NOT have a balcony (the kitties would be so pissed, and I could not continue the tradition of the Housewarming BBQ) but utilities are all included and there are hardwood floors. Read: nowhere for Maddie to drag her butt after she takes a dump.

The virtual tour makes the place look so PRETTY. The problem? The area. It’s a lovely, clean and respectable area, but there is ONE area of town where I just cannot be right now.

*bristle* *snarl* *hiss*

The reason is best left unexplained, but think about what I said about generating new karma by completely cleansing oneself of the old. Serenity explained it in a recent post way better than I ever could. (Go. Read. Now.)

I get the feeling from my apartment folks that renovations are taking MUCH longer than they’d anticipated, so my Christmas move could go a couple of months later. Which would be fabulous in the “affording to move” department. I’ve had exactly three people volunteer to help me to move, too, so maybe I can breathe and not pay so-called professionals when people who know me care more about my sanity and my stuff than people who are actually on the clock (go figure).

Or maybe, I can dream a little and life will work out “just so” that I can leave behind the crap that now mortifies me at the prospect of people I respect seeing just how gnarly shit has become. But the heavy-ass entertainment center? Still in great condition. (Heh. Figures.)

But while I have the universe’s attention, here’s my laundry list of what I want, and my hope is that I at least get what I need for a price that won’t have me strapping a mattress to my back and hanging out in Anacostia looking for a corner (*shudder*):

Cat-friendly (i.e., no pet rents and hopefully no outrageous pet deposits). Utililties included (I like lots of light and 40 things running simultaneously). Air-conditioned. Dishwasher. Washer/Dryer (preferably inside; I went to the laundromat today and nearly killed myself at the pain). Hardwood floors (I spend hundreds of dollars in pet-stain sprays because Maddie shits everywhere, although come to think of it, she wipes her ass on walls and throw rugs too. So I’ve got to toss all my rugs before I go).

Possibly dog-friendly, too, as I so very much want a Shiba Inu like this Sumi (or if Bayou and Lach bring her out from Seattle, I can keep her. LOL — jus’ kiddin’!).

Wow, I feel like I should be on Santa’s lap, wriggling happily, as I’ve never listed all the things I’ve wanted like this!

Well, Santa Baby, I need walk-in closets. And a balcony! I want a garden-style community — highrises attract elderly people and elderly people just scare me (Shan was on the 17th floor and the fire department was there every night because they were leaving ovens on and not blowing out candles and such. Sca-RY!

I’d also love a second bedroom or a den, but alas, now I KNOW I’m dreaming! I just want some kind of writing alcove/window seat/inspirational area with an OK view where I can dream out into the great blue yonder.

And lord, please let there be intelligent, witty and charming single people with whom I can interact. I’ve got great neighbors right now (quiet, courteous, friendly), and I’d like that plus a little upstairs-downstairs action, if you don’t mind — I’d like to *break in* the new digs as soon as possible. 😉

See? It’s all about having something to look forward to!

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One Lonely Response to My new favorite question

  1. IndigoSunMoon :

    I wish we could just pretend to move, so I could pitch some of this shit in this house. My wife, Scarlett saves EVERYTHING!!!!
    Good luck Dawn!