Reader Poll Monday:

  • If you had to suggest a book that everyone should read in their lifetime, what would it be?
    Don’t laugh, and I’m already aware of the irony, but “Your Best Life Now” is at the top of my I’ve-got-to-finish-this-someday pile. My bouts with atheism and agnosticism and Paganism notwithstanding, I think Joel’s onto something.
  • What’s your favorite cereal?
    Don’t eat cereal. Unless it’s oatmeal, in which case I love Quaker’s banana bread flavor.
  • If forced to choose, would you rather have every hair on your body tweezed out or have both of your big toes smashed with a hammer?
    Hammer time, loves. That would be quicker, and I daresay it would be preferable to not just tweezing, but waxing (and, hell, probably shaving) in general!
  • Are you allergic to anything?
    Obliviots and obnoxshitty people, otherwise known as oxygen thieves.

    That, and penicillin and ragweed and mold and dust. And wool and angora — I hate the fall/winter season because I flare up in hives if I come within five feet of wool, yet it is EVERYWHERE. *itchy bitch*

  • Besides salt and pepper, which seasoning or condiment do you use most often?
    Is ranch dressing a condiment? That, and I have some fabulous Creole and Zydeco seasonings that I dump on just about everything.
  • What’s the most embarrassing site in your favorites/bookmarks?
    Bwahahahahahahaaaaa!!! I’m gonna refer back to my old website’s linkdump for this one:

    It’s GOT to be the “Wash the Coochie” song!!!

    And “Camel Toe” is the first runner-up. 😉

  • Is there anything other than clothing which you feel naked without?
    Jewelry — I need at least a ring or necklace or earrings — anything with which I can fiddle around.
  • What’s your all-time favorite line from a movie?
    Easy. From my favorite movie set in a city I love, “The Prince of Tides”:

    “At the end of every day I drive through the city of Charleston and I cross the bridge that will take me home. I feel the words building inside me — I can’t stop them or tell you why I say them, but as I reach the top of the bridge, these words come to me in a whisper. I say these words as a prayer, as regret, as praise, I say: Lowenstein, Lowenstein.”

  • Besides blogging, what’s your favorite hobby?
    Retail therapy. Let’s consider it the only exercise I get and, therefore, it’s healthy. 😉

    On iTunes: Sarah McLachlan, “I Love You”

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