Morning walk

Met a guy yesterday. Generally not an unusual occurrence. Nor the way it played out.

I walked to Starbucks in the morning and was walking across the bridge on my way home. He was in front of me and slowed down to talk.

We had a nice conversation (it’s a long bridge) and he was going to go to the beach at the end of the bridge, and I was going to hang a left and head home.

I said enjoy the day, and he asked if he could walk with me a little while longer.

I said no. I was thinking, “Never let them know where you live.”

He pleaded his case, “You’re so funny! I loved talking with you. I enjoy your smile and want to keep talking with you.”

Now, how sweet was that, right?

Here’s the thing.

I know I’m funny and interesting and just plain awesome when I want to be. When there’s no pressure. When there’s no reason to care either way what kind of impression I make.

But the point I really want to make is sure I may be brilliant to him, but was he to me?

Not really.

Men have the ability to chat up anyone, so he’ll find someone else.

And I expect to find someone else … one who gets me all tongue-tied and twisted because I’m so enamored and eager to impress because he’s dazzling MY brain.

It can happen. It’s gotta happen … right?

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