Hey Jealousy

I haven’t been to a Weight Watchers meeting in more than a month. Mostly because I’ve developed a love affair with Bell Plantation PB Thins cookies and YOU CANNOT TEAR US APART.


Last meeting I attended, we had a guest leader whom I love. Grace was speaking of our “Extra” 49 points we get in a week, and she said she doesn’t spend them. Plain and simple.

She lost 110 pounds at age 70, so believe me, I’m listening.

She told us her husband will nudge her to eat a bite of his dessert, or friends will encourage her to have a cocktail or eat something they cooked because they made it for her.

And that’s all well and good when she has the points to spare, but she said, “I jealously guard my 49 points. I want them to be there if and when I need them. I do not spend them just because I can.”

Lately I haven’t been jealously guarding my points. I still keep track even when I don’t go to meetings, but I have been kind of going off the rails on the weekends. So, no points to spare midweek when I REALLY NEED SOME WINE.

Something I’ve been guarding jealously however has been my time. Last week I “only” gave 60 hours to my full-time job.

And … the world didn’t end.

What did I do with my “free” time, you ask?

Took care of my health. Physical and metaphysical.

Now if only I could get consistent in guarding my time the way Grace guards her points (oh, yeah, and to learn from her and do THAT too), this would actually be another awesome week.

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