Fulfillment, or something like it

I did not have the worst week. Go figure.

I attribute my happiness to working from home three days last week. Everything seems surmountable when I’m staring at the ocean while I’m dealing with it.

I also think my conclusion helps that I can feel “meh” inside 40 (72) hours a week as long as I have something to look forward to. (And Winger is coming to town next month …)

Things are fine right now and I know to appreciate these boring moments. But …

*cue continual existential dilemma*

But what if we were put on this earth to be amazed and wowed and challenged (in a good way) and to be filled with wonder (again, in a good way) more often than not?

At the point I stopped having a family to return to, and being the only one capable of keeping a roof over my family’s (i.e., mom and cat) head, I gave up on chasing dreams. Or having them, for that matter.

But I was talking to a friend who still has those dreams. And while part of me wanted to pat my friend on the head because it’s so damn cute, another part of me said, “I want to help you because that dream is just fine by me, too.”

I’m not saying others’ dreams are or should be my own. But, you know. It’s a start.

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