Mmm, coffee

Making me wait till 10 a.m. to get coffee is like asking a group of inebriated Polish grandmas at a fire-hall wedding reception to refrain from polka-ing at the first strains of an accordion playing.

Of course my blood pressure was an issue. Because I gave up cooking for Lent circa 1998, so fast food it is. Actually, my BP goes from sky-high to abysmal-low, so they had to test me three times because, per usual, I went from high to “is she still alive” to “oh, yeah you’ll live *whew*.”

I always try to do creative imaging to control my BP — I was trying to think of moments when I was deliriously happy (it came out high), then I did the calm-blue-waters route (too low) and finally I just checked the hell out and it turned out perfect.

This perhaps suggests that I need to make myself devoid of thought a little more often, although judging by this blog content? I’m as healthy as can be!

*off for a refill of Swiss Chocolate Almond java*

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