Sleep optional

I had a three-hour window in which I could potetially have slept, but I was clock-watching instead so as not to snooze straight through the alarm and blow some deadlines.

I was all hyped up from The Killers concert last night. And some of you are scratching your head, wondering how or why I would even think to go to their show when I was too cheap to spend the same amount of money on Melissa Etheridge tickets not too long ago. 🙂 Let me put it this way, the company with whom you spend these events is more important than where you actually end up. And it all resulted in a confluence of awesomeness that made for a kickass show, so it was a good decision. I might even have to download their CDs now!

But, worth the ticket price alone, was the middle act The Silver Beats. As the four of us stood around discussing last night, the best word to describe that experience was “d00d.” Seriously. I already knew I was one of the oldest people at George Mason’s Patriot Center last night, but when these adorable Japanese boys in snazzy suits started playing Beatles covers better than, well, the Beatles did, I found myself singing along oh-so-happily and wondering if half of the kids had ever heard of the Fab Four.

There was an opening act, which I see nobody has blogged about in my circle, so I’ll take a stab at it. Red Romance was what my friend dubbed a one-trick pony. They came out promising enough — I actually liked them. But then the rest of the set was sort of like an extended dance remix. Were there five songs, six or two? Couldn’t tell.

As one of the gang said, it’s like when a Web site tells you that, based on your purchase of a Killers CD, you might also like this name. What goes without saying is that you might NOT. 😉 LOL, don’t mean to be too harsh on Red Romance — I’ll probably grab a single somewhere down the road, and it won’t matter which one as it will probably reflect the sound of the whole EP!

Gawd, I’m exhausted. I don’t want to talk about how many times I zoned out, driving back to D.C. from the show. Lord, if you love me at all, even just a little bit, please make this day go well. Better yet, let it go quickly so I can make acquaintance with my bed and not be curled up in a ball under my desk with my massive shoe collection. ‘Cause, you know, ouch. 🙂

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