Decaffeinated in D.C.

So we’re having our annual health assessments at work tomorrow morning, a voluntary thing where they swear they don’t screen us for drugs. (I suspect that they’d let us go if we WEREN’T pissing foam from all the beer we drink to recuperate!)

Anyway, I left work about 20 minutes before my fasting had to begin, so I had a joyous dinner at Wendy’s in the car on the ride home. *barf*

I was bitching because that means I have to do my morning-shift work without the benefit of coffee, but my friend said I could probably have caffeine; it probably depends, though, what I add to it. I thought about it and said, “Well, it’s not like I’m putting a hamburger in it!” So, it must be OK, right?

Goddess sans coffee plus work that requires alertness equals a very scary start to tomorrow looming. At least I already know it’s going to get better from there!

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