Meeting about meetings

Heh heh heh

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Look at the puppy. The puppy is cute, yes? All is well when you’re hanging out with a cute, furry little puppy. That is why we are looking at the puppy.

That’s George, by the way, my beloved fur-nephew — ready to come home after a lovely weekend in St. Auggie’s. He’s also the one who took a smelly shit in the copywriters’ office on Labor Day when I brought him in here so I could get some work done in silence. Whoops — who knew he would go upstairs all by himself? What a big boy! (And frankly, I’m not surprised that he picked the spot he did. Just sayin’.)

This has been one motherfucker of a week. I have a meeting in 9 minutes as a follow-up to another meeting and we’ll probably schedule another meeting to meet about this one. Motherfucker!

Seriously, I like my job. I have just had some stressful days, and my “Oh, you haven’t done that, either?” list is longer than my list of reasons why I want my mother to move out.

Today I got a call from my boss that she was in an accident. And to start the 9 a.m. meeting without her.

It was 8:53 and I was cruising along the A1A. Meeting? FUCK!!!

So I punched the gas and a cop going northbound PROMPTLY did a U-turn and pulled my southbound ass over.

One of my team members (because clearly nobody was going to make it to this meeting!) advised me to unbutton my shirt. Which I did. The speeding ticket? Was waived.

However, genius still hasn’t registered her car in Florida. And my tags are three months expired. My friend JB let me know that at six months, I could get arrested. Whee! Thank God to have a cop-in-training for a friend!

So yeah, that ticket was warranted. It was hilarious though, as I got the same ticket in Virginia and it was like $300. This was $115. I asked if I could pay cash right then and there. 🙂

I also put on my makeup while I was pulled over. I am a multi-tasker, yo!

Got treated to a lovely, lovely dinner last night. Discovered a tasty “baby Amarone” that Mama Like. I appreciate people who can sense my stress and actually do something about it other than antagonize me. (Thank you, thank you!!!)

I’ve been too busy working to really plot my next move. But my beloved Lady L (George’s mom) and I are cooking up a scheme. We are also planning a Christmas trip, and another for St. Patty’s Day.

In other words, this is all just a dream. It’s not particularly memorable, and nor do we need for it to be. Each day is just a bridge to the next great experience.

I don’t remember much about anything anymore. And that says something. But I have all the hope in the world that as long as we can keep smiling and stay nimble, the wind will blow us exactly where we’re supposed to be.

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