Dancing on the plank

Matanzas Bay

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The Matanzas Bay got its name from being dubbed the “bay of blood” or “bay of bones” after the Spaniards captured a fleet of 200 French (Protestant) sailors.

The Frenchmen were given the option to join Spain in its fight against France, and to convert to Catholicism. All 200 refused. They all were forced to walk the plank, where at the end their throats were slit.

It is said that the Bay shines red at night on many an occasion. Hence the “Bay of Blood.”

From where Lady L and I stood, it was just a beautiful sight in St. Augustine, across from a charming little “Old Town” of shops and restaurants. The buildings were ancient but so properly preserved that it looked like Walt Disney’s finest architects had swooped in and designed the tiny village just five years ago. It was almost puzzling to be riding in rickety trolleys (one that blew a tire three seconds after we hopped on!) and not to be boarding the famed Monorail.

Today we pause for the annual moment of silence for the lives lost on 9/11 … and the thousands more whose vim, vigor and youth has been stolen from them on enemy territory nearly 10 hours away from here.

I don’t disagree with my conservative friends that Obama isn’t doing a great job. But do you think that this man is probably counting down the days to 2012 so he can tell those assholes, “Fine, jackasses. Look what I inherited. I tried. Why don’t YOU figure it out?”

My friend Jeff posted an amazing blog about growth in China. seeing as though he’s traveling from Hong Kong to Singapore today, it’s appropriate and timely. And something he wrote struck my bleeding Socialist heart:

“Two scenarios. Tell me which one makes the most sense …

Scenario 1: China’s national, regional and local governments are throwing gobs of incentives at companies that are building the technology and infrastructure for tomorrow. The aim: to position China as the global leader in alternative energy, regardless of whether it’s solar or wind or biomass or whatever.

Scenario 2: America is incentivizing the production of cars from automakers that, had the laws of economics prevailed, would have died. America is keeping overleveraged, financially incompetent homeowners in houses they never should have afforded. America is throwing money at banks that made boneheaded financial decisions and, as a result, should have perished in a financial reckoning. America is incentivizing consumers to buy new cars they otherwise would not have purchased, new homes they clearly don’t need, and new appliances to replace otherwise fine appliances they already own.

Hmmm. I don’t know … the strategies are just so close …”

Wow, is our country fucked up, when you look at it that way!

I miss living in Washington, and having discussions like those. I am thrilled, however, to have worldly friends with whom we can talk like this until my liberal blood curdles and I have to walk away.

I still have to read “Atlas Shrugged” for work. Then when I finish that hot mess, I have to move on to “Fountainhead” and something else. I’d sooner get a sex change than shift my political leanings! Good God, who can READ that shit? I’m on page 4 of Atlas — Ayn Rand is a shitty writer, by the way. The fact that she’s also fucking crazy is the only thing that makes her interesting.

However, given that my house has become a welfare state, maybe just maybe I can drink enough tequila during the next week to get me through that stupid book. Maybe there *is* something to this “not giving to those who didn’t earn it” that is clearly apparent in Jeff’s blog and in my master bedroom. *Grr* (And Mom has the nice Roman tub while I have a tiny stand-up shower. Fuck me.)

Maybe that loony Ayn Rand was on to something after all. …

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