Manic Tuesday

My mood today has been downright manic, oscillating between “awesome!” and “omgwtfbbq is this day over yet?” And not stopping at any points in the middle of the two.

I’m still mad over Cuntasia in the previous entry. I can’t even read/link to it or else my head will asplode. I mean, really, WTF is up with all these bullies in the world who think that just because they want something, they should have it?

Ever since I decided to become a “God follower,” as my church calls it, several years ago, I’ve made a very strong effort to look the other way, to never retaliate and to never, ever put myself in a situation where I can’t look at myself in the mirror afterward and feel that I rose above the situation.

But man, to take these people who think their opinion matters, that they have the right or even the place to degrade others, and clunk all their heads together … ah, it remains a dream.

I think the bug that’s still up my ass is how these wretched, horrible, hateful people are having holidays and good things happening to them that give them their sense that the world owes them.

Of course, are they really so fortunate when perhaps the only kicks they get in their day is to try to ruin someone else’s?

Speaking of those kinds of days, I actually achieved a HYOOOOGGEEE victory this morning. The product launch that was slated for, oh, 12 days ago happened today. Mostly because I put my foot down and all but threatened to put it UP someone’s butt.

What’s really nice is that we had a major breakthrough today. And nicer still that the whole upper echelon has acknowledged that, without my pointy-toed shoes being dangerously close to someone’s tender bits, it wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did.

I needed this victory today.

But alas, the oscillator turned when some information came my way that I wasn’t looking for (anymore). And it kind of fired me up all over again about Cuntasia from the BBBY parking lot. Not that the person in question is anywhere near cuntiness on any level, but I kind of got sucked back into that vortex of “OK, so once again, victory isn’t mine in this particular area.”

And I have to remind myself that, if the only battles I win are at work, well, that’s a hell of a lot more than others can say, right?

But another really nice note from today (I warned you it was manic!) was that I ran into people I haven’t seen in months at our Christmas party holiday fete thank-you luncheon. I mean, I only had time to grab a plate of cold food and drag it back up to my cell. But for the few minutes I was down there, man, the compliments I got on my de-pudgifying pork roast ass! (As opposed to the usual “pudgy pork roast ass” terminology I use.)

A part of you wonders whether you really looked that bad before. And that answer is of course yes. And judging by all the crap I’ve eaten in the last two days (thank you to my beloved boys who sent a GIANT box from Cherry Republic yesterday to make the holidays bright (and wide), I’m sure tonight’s weigh-in will bring the next round of epic failure. But, the way this is going, do I expect anything less than abysmal news when I waddle my ass onto the scale that I was looking so forward to confronting this week? (Well, before Cherrypalooza yesterday and catered lunch today.)

Oh well. I’m going to offset whatever chunky-butt catastrophe I endure tonight with doing some daydreaming about the vacation to Barbados that The GirlsTM and I are plotting. A real vacation — not just two or three days tacked onto a work trip! While I will hate paying the airfare, I mean really, it will be nice to burn off more than one or two personal days at a time.

Speaking of all things delightful, we have TONS of cherry-related goodness available at my desk. Come eat my cherries, people, while they’re still good! 😉

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