Heba lost the weight, but not the bitchy attitude

Last night’s “Biggest Loser” finale is an epic example of what I’ve been ranting about here for days, of horrible, undeserving people getting exactly what they want — and what we want.

America got to vote on the third finalist. And there was Heba — 150 pounds lighter and smug as a bug in a rug that we were going to vote for her miserable ass — who was outvoted 80/20 in favor of having her husband Ed as the finalist.

Oh, was she pissed.

So they weighed in all the ex-contestants for a chance at $100,000. And she won it. Humph.

I mean, based on the work she did to reduce her body weight by nearly 50%, that’s great. Congratulations and respect for that are definitely in order. I’m far from my goal and it ain’t easy. And it only gets harder, the closer you get to where you want to be.

But still, hateful twat, much?

When the finalists were weighed in and she saw Ed’s HUGE weight loss (but admittedly it was several pounds shy of her own), OMG the ugliness on her face.

And I got where she was. My empathy gene is always working overtime since I feel that people, and certain ones in particular, seem to make it at least a part-time job to try to ignore what’s running through my head. Ahem.

I mean, she could have won that quarter-million. No question. When the sweet and beautiful Michelle (yes!) took home the grand prize with a weight loss of more than 100 pounds, sure Heba’s suddenly scrawny ass would have kicked her newly bony ass.

But whatev, bitch — if you weren’t such a self-entitled bitch, we would have voted you through to the finale.

I was thrilled that Michelle won — I was rooting for her all along, mostly because we were about the same age and starting weight (sigh) so even though she was pulling 10-pound weight losses out of her ass each week compared to my paltry half-pound to a whopping 2 pounds, she was “me” up there, you know? The one with the strained relationship with her mother. The family who needed, and got, to start all over again.

Imagine what $100K could do to help us in my cramped little quarters to get a fresh start. Can we say separate apartments in separate cities for starters, boys and girls? I know you can!

Anyway, speaking of impossible people to live with, Heba is like the Dallas Cowboys to me. I won’t intentionally root against either one of them. But I’m not exactly celebrating either’s victories, because all their arms are apparently long enough to pat their own backs.

So the only reason I am not angry about Heba getting the $100K is that it’s also going to Ed, who is too good for her and I’m hoping now that he has his looks and self-esteem back that he will realize that and LEAVE her ass.

Heba has always stated that her goal is to have a healthy pregnancy. Gah. She’s reproducing? Lord help us all. Hopefully her steaming-cunt genes will be heavily diluted by Ed’s sweet and nice ones.

I often joke with myself that I can’t wait to meet my Inner Skinny Bitch. Heba’s is, sadly, still an Outie. She went from pudgy bitch to skinny bitch, but again, she didn’t lose the BITCH!

2 Responses to Heba lost the weight, but not the bitchy attitude

  1. Mel :

    Oh where to start with this…. You know I was watching. I am glad Michelle won too. She is not too far from my age or starting weight.

    Heba…. that #W#(%*W)#(%U* !!!! Seriously, I’ll take Ed. He doesn’t deserve a loose cunt hole like her.

    Did you watch Mama’s Boys after?

    P.S. Can we go try out for BL next year? The cross country edition?

  2. Neil Morse :

    I’d try out for BL too, but they only seem to go for superheavymorbidlyobese guys, which I wasn’t even at my heaviest. (My BMI was “only” 32.5.)

    But I’m doing my gym’s version of BL; lose 5% of your body weight in 10 weeks. It’s week 9, and I’ve already lost enough to share in the big pot so long as I don’t gain half a pound over the next week.

    But yes, I would love for Jillian and Boyfriend Bob to tag-team me. Yes, that way. And also that way.