Madness. March or otherwise.

“And I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try.”

— Nelly Furtado, “Try

Planetary forces are hard-at-work right now, basically creating a cosmic clusterfuck. No arguments here — in fact, the less I say lately, the happier I am. And I have never been in this crabby a mood without it being hormone-motivated.

Well, maybe crabby isn’t the word. Stretched, perhaps. Worried and disillusioned, mostly over the economy and wondering what it’s going to mean to me. Disgusted with national politics and afraid over what the outcome of the Democratic race is going to be. Outraged at a lack of outrage in general.

My horoscope said I should let go of over thinking today and just feel. Well, I feel like thinking. But damn, it makes my widdle brain hurt.

I’ve been so flippin’ busy for the past few days, I haven’t even thought about this space. And, judging from my feed reader, most peeps in my circle are experiencing their own version of March Madness, as I can’t find anyone posting even when I can free up a rare moment to see what anyone else is up to.

I can haz a Swiffer shoved up my butt so I can at least mop the floor while I’m running around like a madwoman? (Seeing as though time to clean is pretty much non-existent, too. *sigh*)

There was a lot of going out this weekend and trying amazing foods and beers and whatnot, as Paddy’s Day is a weekend-long celebration in these here parts. I could use a beer right now but, alas, the last thing I need to do is fall asleep right about now, although the results could be fairly entertaining.

At church yesterday, they were playing Hackey Sack with the brimstone in that you should always choose others’ needs before your own. Which, I pretty much always do. I just wonder who’s going to put mine first, seeing as though I’m not “allowed” to do it for myself. Blah blah “your standard of living shouldn’t compare with your standard of giving” cakes.

And applying that to my life was kind of interesting, actually, in that I keep making more and more money. But instead of my standard of living going up, the government keeps getting more of mah monies. So if that’s the case, why aren’t we enjoying a more-effective government? I’m paying for competence — why aren’t they putting MY/OUR needs above THEIR own?!?!

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