Saying ‘when’

I’m into Hour 8.5 of my day and my brain? Has Shut. The. Fuck. Down.

It’s a familiar conundrum, usually solved by an extra two cups of coffee and committing myself to “just another hour” that turns into three, four or five.

I don’t know if it’s the quarter-moon or the fact that the government is enjoying my bonus (remind me again why I insist on voting Democrat?) when those fuckers CLEARLY did not just put a thousand hours into Project From Hell (PFMTM) and thus DO NOT DESERVE the fruits of my slave labor.

Why yes, you COULD shove coal up my ass today and I’ll barf up a jewelry store’s worth of diamonds. Somebody musta put on the crankypants today, and a bitch must be bloated or somethin’ ’cause everything is rubbing me the wrong way.

123V mentioned that a whole lotta planets are in Pisces right now, so we’re all more-sensitive and more-susceptible to the moods of others, so we should choose our companions (or lack thereof) during this time accordingly. Which explains why, when I was told to play nice in the sandbox with someone who craps in it, it absolutely ruined my whole day. In case I haven’t made it painfully obvious, I am VERY selective about whom I allow/keep in my life. Say it with me: “You can’t soar with the eagles when you’re rolling with turkeys.”

Actually, speaking of brilliant thoughts, my BFF shot me a quote that knocked off my frog socks:

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” — Karen Lamb


What could I have crossed off my to-do list when I started the task when I first thought of it? It boggles the mind. So what do I NOT want to be dealing with a year from now? (No names, please!) And what should I be preparing to have in my life at this time next year? (Other than another raise/bonus?)

I may just take my laptop to greener pastures just to see whether a change of scenery wouldn’t hurt. I’m not able to say “when” very often, as having my brain shut off doesn’t qualify as a valid reason for walking away and doing my own thing till a few neural cells regenerate. But maybe after I tie up some loose ends, I may have to do just that.

I’d ask for a do-over on this day, but if it meant I’d have to re-live it? I’d have to shoot myself before it got started (again). But if it meant I got an extra bonus check, then I’d be at the level I was promised before the gubmint got its greedy mitts on it. …

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