Liquor-store lunch day

Why is everything technology- and human-related going awry today? I’m so OVER all of it. And all of you. You know who you are. Something weird is going on that I can’t quite explain, too. That isn’t helping with this disquieting feeling.

I am debating about going back to the personals site. There were some cool people on it. But I know how I get when I hear from people who otherwise dropped off the earth (i.e., I don’t juggle them back in); I’m sure these guys won’t want to hear back from me after I’ve been silent for a month.

Oh, well, the one thing I do best is start over from scratch. Here’s to feeling compelled to stick around next time. *clinks coffee mug to screen*

I’m sensing a liquor-store lunch today. Here’s to hoping I don’t run into anyone I’m trying to avoid!

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