‘Gimme my money back, you bitch’

To quote my friend quoting “Idiocracy,” “Ow, my balls.” And from the fact that we’re walking around bowlegged, ow, my ASS!!!

iPhone 8-gig model listed at $399

The early adopters in my office will be busy rubbing aloe on our burning assholes from Steve Jobs’ 3,000-mile-long dick that somehow got implanted in them. Thanks, Steve. You can’t put a fucking laptop on sale (lord knows I’ve been waiting), but the iPhone wasn’t out two months before this sale.

I feel so violated. *cowering in corner, sobbing for innocence, and $200, lost*

3 Responses to ‘Gimme my money back, you bitch’

  1. ms7168 :

    This is precisely the reason why I don’t run out and buy stuff the second it comes out. Somehow I just knew that the ridiculous price would drop just in time for holiday shopping. Plus the reason I have avoided the thing altogether is the fact it forces you to use AT&T. I personally feel you should be able to pick your carrier.

  2. Tiff :

    I’d have loved to have been able to pick my carrier, but Cingular (pre-return to AT&T) was the only one willing to make visual voicemail work. Visual voicemail is one of the major wow-features of the phone, so being able to pick your carrier would break it if only one carrier is willing to cooperate, and I’m sure the only reason Cingular was willing to tear their system apart and rebuild it was to get exclusivity. (Apple offered the iPhone to Verizon first, and Verizon told them to go fuck themselves.)

    Personally, I’m trying to remain zen about the whole thing- if the phone wasn’t worth $600 to me, I shouldn’t have paid $600 for it. I figured they’d made at least a show of waiting another couple of months to drop prices, but they didn’t… and I paid money I was willing to pay for a phone I still love. That said, throwing us early adopters a bone (even a $50 iTunes credit says, ‘We love you and we’re sorry we screwed you’) would be nice.

  3. Bayou :

    I read somewhere yesterday that anyone who had purchased the iphone in the last two weeks could get the $200 difference back (I assume in store credit). I know it’s been longer for you, Dawn, but at least they are throwing in an apologetic c-note your way. I was thiiiiis close to buying an iPod last week and thankfully I talked myself out of it thinking Gen 6 has GOT to be here soon…