Let’s clap for mediocrity

Nothing bothers me more than when people fuck stuff up, then chaos ensues, then they finally fix what they broke in the first place … and THEN, the accolades start to fly.

Like how my car sat in a bed of ice for a week, undrivable, and I was reliant upon neighbors, colleagues and cabs to lug my fat ass around. I just saw our apartment’s monthly newsletter, congratulating one person in particular for all his heroic efforts to get the parking lot in tip-top shape in a hurry.


Christ, well then let’s give him a promotion and a big fat bonus for doing his JOB … and late and half-assed, at that.

Of course it’s followed by the bullshit line of asking us to thank him when we see him. Yeah, I saw him a week after the ice storm — where was he in the interim? I assume now that we’re expected to get four inches of white, fluffy shit today, he’ll be burrowed like a goddamned groundhog till the sun comes out again!

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