Only in dreams

So I was up worrying about having less time than I’d imagined to do this move (I swear, I’ve been calling that damn rental office since December — if anyone woulda returned a call, this wouldn’t be an issue. And I still think the mistake is theirs), but I was too drunk to stay awake (as I passed out on the floor clutching my wine glass).

Anyway, I had the best dream — the ideal solution, actually. I dreamed a friend and I decided to team up and buy a house and call it a satellite office, because it makes a lot of sense to just live at work. They brought their staff along, to be our tenants so we could make money off the extra bedrooms.

But true to form, I was in command in the dream. (I’ve been telling everyone that my next career is as a rental agent, because I know all the questions to ask and I’ve inadvertently become a professional at that biz.) I approved everyone but one and told that person they were fired and to get out of my house. Their credit wasn’t good here. 🙂 I found an acceptable substitute, and we all worked happily ever after.

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