Let it snow, damn it

Yeah, I know, I hate snow. But shit, if the fluffy white crap is going to disrupt my world, can’t we just get 10 feet of it? I already know it would take a nuclear bomb going off in D.C. (if that!) to impede a workday, but I’m fine with working from home just so long as I don’t have to take my happy ass out in the cold. I wish we could just wear jeans already — my skirts and dress pants just aren’t made for warmth, and I can’t wear wool suits (allergic to the fabric).

In any event, I’m disappointed that the federal government is open today, because that means we all have to go in as scheduled. Bah.

It’s funny, I remember not having a car and having to take two buses to work, and I was always in miniskirts, tights and fashion (i.e., not snow) boots. (So, I fell on my ass A LOT.) And much as it sucked to go earn $4 an hour for all that aggravation, it never really bothered me to freeze my hoo-ha off. And now, waaah, I have to drive 15 whole miles in a warm car — boo hoo! From one shoveled walkway to another, I might add. Luxurious in comparison to 10 years ago, and yet, I whine more now.

Incidentally, I decided which apartment I’m going to go with. I’m picking the one that lets me keep one toe inside D.C. proper — there’s something about having “Washington, D.C. 200**” on your mailing address that feels right, and the thought of transferring my car registration to another state is enough to make me fall ill, so it makes the most sense. And a snow day would have been a lovely reason to start packing for this next adventure!

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