I always say Karma pulls on the shit-stompers in due time, and I have one of those stories that will warm our hearts of that actually happening.

There was some miserable whore who got my friend’s husband fired from a job in her company. Gossipy wretch of a woman who no doubt didn’t want anyone else to succeed. He got the boot because the bitch’s seniority might have counted for something, and the family was left in dire straits for awhile.

But then my friend gets a call recently from the wench (did I mention they used to be friends? I stress USED to be) and she was all hysterical because after all her years with the company, she just got FIRED.


I don’t understand how “people” (I use the word loosely) who do their damndest to screw others over can have the audacity to call them for a shoulder to cry on when clearly they lost the privilege for a reason — do they think people don’t KNOW about their dastardly deeds?

Did she think she was going to get sympathy? I mean, really. Doesn’t she know that while no one would ever *wish* misfortune on her directly, she certainly won’t get any tears cried over her predicament by anyone but herself?

That’s the thing — you can’t even be happy at someone’s misfortune, no matter how much they might deserve it. If you just don’t care, however, that’s the best reaction of all.

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