To apartment-hunters everywhere, here are two things to keep in mind when you’re looking at potential new places in January:

1. You will likely get a rent special offered because nobody is moving in the fucking snow.

2. Speaking of the fucking snow? They reserve the right to REFUSE to give you a tour because they don’t want your slushy paws tromping through their pristine model units.

3. After doing said tour of nothingness, I lost control of the car on an unfamiliar road as I was sitting there bitching about how SLOW everyone else was going. Heh. Awesome. The vehicle’s fine, I’m fine, but yeah, I HATE SNOW.

That said, I found a great place today. Not cheap, but spacious. And “convenient enough” to the things I want to be close to. I didn’t see the model, of course, but the management office was set up similarly, so I got to use my imagination and it works fine.

This one is definitely a possibility, although I’m thinking the real “dream” apartment is one in Hawaii right about now, as two inches of snow expected for tonight and there’s a good half-inch of it already on the ground. … 🙁

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